Biography of
Treasurer of the
Muscogee Creek Indian Freedmen Band

Rhonda received her education in the Oklahoma City public school system, a graduate of Douglass High school. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Central Oklahoma in 1991.

In her professional career, Rhonda manages a large department for a Fortune 100 corporation where she has been employed for the past twenty years in the Oklahoma City market.

She enjoys family research and is passionate about the history and plight of the African Indian people. Because of the influence of her grandfather, Mitchell Grayson, Rhonda has always been keenly aware of her African Creek and Chickasaw ancestry. Her grandfather spoke often of his grandmother, Adeline Grayson, and the fact that she only spoke the Creek language.

America Cohee-Webster,
Creek roll number 4661,
great grandmother of

Rhonda’s great grandmother, America Cohee, was an original allottee of Creek Nation, she received 160 acres of land; her roll number was 4661. In addition, her forefather, Peter Wolf, (also known as Peter Spencer), was a Loyal Creek.

Little did Rhonda know that her casual family research would lead her to embark upon a long journey of advocating for the rights of African Indian people; a journey that would open doors for her to exercise the privilege of helping to serve and assist in preserving the history of the African Indian Freedmen.

Rhonda’s desire is that, in the very near future, the world will have access to educational programs that accurately reflect the history of African Indian people.

Family surnames: Grayson, Cohee, Williams, Thompson, Webster, Boxley, Simpson, Fowler, and Bennett.

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Muscogee Creek Indian Freedmen Band Board members : Sharon Lenzy – Scott Rhonda  , Jeffrey D. Kennedy