Biography of
Sharon Lenzy – Scott

Board Member 
Muscogee Creek Indian Freedmen Band

Sharon Lenzy-Scott was born and raised in Muskogee Oklahoma. She completed her elementary and high school education in Muskogee Ok and received her college education in Nebraska. Sharon has written and published two poetry books, where Angles abide, and World of reality. In her professional career, Sharon has worked in the health care profession for over 20 years.

Sharon is a descendant of the Perryman family. Her relate Legus Choteau Perryman was the principal chief of Creek Nation in 1887. As described in the Extra Census Bulletin “The principal chief, virtually a Negro, comes of a famous family in creek annals his name is Legus Choteau Perryman”.

sharon scott father perryman-scott
Jackson Perryman,
Creek roll number 3635,
great grandfather of
Sharon Lenzy – Scott.

The Perryman’s were long time members of Creek Nation prior to the civil war. They served in the Union war and were listed as Loyal Creeks. They were Interpreters, Judges, Senators, and Chiefs of Creek Nation.

Jackson Perryman, Creek roll number 3635, great grandfather of Sharon Lenzy-Scott. Sharon is a descendant of Jackson Perryman, an original Dawes enrollee. Jackson’s father was Sandy Perryman, Creek-Interpreter, who came to Indian Territory around 1829.

Sharon’s mother, Mrs. Adlene Perryman-Lenzy was disenfranchised from the tribe in 1979. In the eyes of Creek Nation, she was no longer regarded as a citizen of the Nation because her family was listed on the Creek Freedmen Dawes Roll.

Countless attempts were made in 1979 through 2000 by Mrs. Perryman-Lenzy to regain her citizenship. She fought tirelessly until she could no longer fight. Mrs. Adlene Perryman-Lenzy died with the memory of Creek Nation stripping her from her birth right as a citizen of Creek Nation.

Hence, Sharon quest began to regain her families’ citizenship shortly before the death of her mother. Sharon has been fighting this battle for more than a decade; she states she will continue to fight this battle until the wrong that has been done to the Freedmen has been made right.

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