Myth & Misconceptions about Freedmen /Census Cards / Misc.

Myth & Misconceptions about Freedmen

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Creek Indian Freedmen Fact Sheet 1

Creek Indian Freedmen Fact Sheet 2

1866 Treaty
1866ty – 1866 Treaty with the Creek Article 2, pertaining to Freedmen June 14, 1866, Ratified July 19, 1866, Proclaimed Aug. 11, 1866. Note: underline of article 2. Hence, Freedmen to be Adopted as citizens or Members of Said tribe. Equality for all in the Creek Nation!
Excerpt from the Book: The Dawes Commission and the Allotment of the Five Civilized Tribes, 1893-1914 by Kent Carter. This Excerpt, underlined emphasis on the many cases of mixed parentage.


1894 E.C.B
1894 – A Mock up of the Extra Census Bulletin of the 5 CT’s from the Dept. of the Interior, Census Office. It briefly describes the General Conditions of the Tribes and special emphasis on the Chief of Creek Nation by the Name of Lequest Choteau Perryman. States that the Principal Chief, is virtually a Negro!

Act of August 4, 1947
Act of August 4, 1947 – Places the restrictions on the Lands

Abstract #418
A Clip from the The Dawes Rolls (Final Rolls of the Citizens and Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory) which shows the family of Jno. McIntosh Dawes, Enrollee #418 listed on the “By Blood” rolls.

The Clip shows that he is 75 yrs., Male, and Blood-F (Full Blood) Father Rolen McIntosh and Mother Muskogee McIntosh and the rest of his “Full Blood” Family. Reported: Jno. Susan, and Samuel dead, and Edmund Great Grandson died February 28, 1906.

Abstract #640
A Clip of the Sells Family as Listed in the J. B. Campbell Abstract of the Creek Freedmen Census Cards, Muskogee, Oklahoma December 1, 1915.

In 1898, the Sells Family lived near Post Office Haines. And Rose, Dawes Enrollee #2523, died December 17, 1904. Note: No Blood Column.

Creek Nation Census Card #640
Creek Nation Census Card # 640 and Field #654 for Creek Freedmen (Dawes Enrollee) # 3516 – Harry Sells and His Family. Harry was 43 yrs. of Age. Male- Trible emrollment Status: Town: 1890; Town (Enrolled) Arkansas; Page found: 16 (in the 1890 payment book) Slave of Jackson Cousins? (I cant read) Remarks: He is on the Dunn Roll as #115 as “Harry McIntosh”

Rear of the Census Card #640
Rear of the Census Card Shows the Father of Harry Sells which is Jo Sells, he died before Enrollment (DBE). Harry’s Mother is Rose Sells (DBE) and owner Jackson Cousins.