Gail M. Jackson
Gail M Jackson Geneologist
Gail was raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Greenwood Avenue. She graduated from Phillips University in Enid, Ok. She also graduated from a Master’s degree program at the University of Kansas. She supervised a state governmental agency in Tulsa. Later returned to state employmnet and retired in 2004. Her research began by a newspaper search for a family member interested in Oklahoma and Indian history in 1974.

Gail has served in an advocacy role for many years for the indian people of African descent, and was a natural choice to serve on the petition campaign committee for Federal Recognition. Gail embraced the challenge and embarked on a laborious journey along with other volunteers who researched and prepared a documented petition fo the history of the Muscogee Creek Indian Freedmen, to file for federal recognition as an American Indian tribe.

Words cannot express our gratitude to Gail and the ohter Petition committee members for the many tireless hours of research and dedicated service to the Muscogee Creek Indian Freedmen.